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The Importance of Sunscreen …For Your Car. Paint Protection for Hot Weather Cars

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A few days ago, headlines were made when researchers from Stony Brook University in New York suggested that, after much research, that drivers in sunny states like Florida were as much at risk for skin cancer as if they spent hours lying out in the sun, eve if their cars were all mice and sealed up, as while UVA rays can be deflected by a car’s body and windows the more harmful UVB rays penetrate right through such things. 

The suggestion was that drivers remember to wear sunscreen at all times when driving to minimize the risks. However, if the UVB rays are that strong what on earth might they be doing to your car’s paint finish, which is directly absorbing both kinds of rays every minute it is being driven along the sunny highways and byways of the ‘Sunshine State?’ 

The simple answer is a lot of damage. Fading and oxidization eventually leads to peeling and cracking, which in turn leads to rust and permanent body damage. Essentially your car gets sunburnt, and literally looks far older than it really is. The perfect answer would be if you could provide your car with a sunscreen of its own, which happens to be exactly what you could think of Invisbra paint protection as being. 

The Invisibra 3M Paint Protection Film resists all of those damaging rays in the same way as your high SPF sunscreen does for your skin, except the protection lasts much, much longer (up to eight years in fact) We can also protect your headlights, which can be just as easily damaged by the sun, by applying X-PEL headlight protection film patterns at the same time as your Invisbra treatment to ensure that your car is fully protected from the sun at all times, and will not succumb to premature aging just because you happen to live in one of the sunniest places in the US. 

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