Are Your Headlights Aging Badly? Headlight Protection is the Answer

As we age most of us find that our vision is not quite what it used to be. The same actually also holds true of a car’s headlights. 

The vast majority of the cars and trucks manufactured over the last two decades leave the assembly line with a plastic cover over the headlamp fixture. In the old days it used to actually be made of glass, but most vehicle makers have made a wholesale switch to plastic, citing safety (broken glass at the scene of an accident is more dangerous than plastic) and cost issues. 

There is nothing really wrong with this, except for the fact that over the years unprotected plastic headlight covers tend to become cloudy, however much you clean them. This is because of the lens coating that was applied when the car was made. Initially it is there to help protect the headlights from scratching but as it ages it also oxidizes, resulting in a permanently cloudy appearance that reduces the effectiveness of the headlamps themselves. Which is a real safety hazard. 

Minor headlight fogging is not that hard to fix, as the vast majority of common car polishes will remove most the oxidation, with a bit of effort and a little elbow grease. It is only a temporary fix though and eventually the oxidation will eat through the plastic itself, leaving you with an expensive bill for headlight replacement on your hands. 

There is a way to prevent all of this though, active headlight protection. A part of Classic Touch of South Florida’s Invisibra system is headlight protection using XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film. Precision cut film, matched perfectly to your car’s headlights, is applied that then provides protection from oxidation, fogging and scratching for eight years and or even longer, guaranteed. 

Learn more about Invisibra and our XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection headlight protection system.