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Bad Parking Pictured: This is How Russians React if You Park Like an A**hole

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Floridians are not always known as the best, or most patient drivers. Usually we blame the tourists though. Scratched car paint (which is why paint protection like Invisbra is a must), bumped fenders, massive traffic jams and pretty nasty roads, we have to deal with it all in South Florida right? And then there’s bad parking.

You hate the selfish idiots who park in stupid places. We hate ’em too. But apparently the Russians really hate them, as it seems they really have made punishing bad – or just downright selfish -parking into something of a (slightly evil) art. Call a tow truck? Point out the violation to a passing parking warden? Leave a nasty note? Nope, none of that is apparently enough for some angry Russian motorists, as the pictures below demonstrate very clearly.

From dousing cars with paint, to blocking them in in very inventive ways to actually moving them out of the way to a more convenient place (but less convenient for the offender) these angry Russian motorists certainly got their own back. Would you ever go this far?

parking 2

parking 3

parking 4

parking 5

parking 6