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Paint Protection and Rim Repair. The Best Job In the World?

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Maybe one of the best things about what we do at Classic Touch of South Florida is the number of amazing cars we are privileged to be entrusted with in order to provide both paint protection and rim repair, rim straightening and wheel repair.   Just take a look at some of the beauties we have had in the shop recently.

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World’s Most Impressive Police (Super)Cars

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Police cars are no usually the most exciting cars in the world. Or are they? U.S police cars may be pretty dull, if solid, vehicles, but elsewhere in the world the cops get to rock some rather splendid rides.  Here are some of the most impressive police cars in service with police departments from all over the world:


Everything in Dubai is BIG and EXPENSIVE. The world’s tallest hotel is there, as is the world’s largest mall and the world’s most expensive car dealership. Therefore the fact that the police have some very nice cars is really not a surprise. And to be honest, it all makes sense. If the speeder you want to ticket is in a Ferrari or an Aston (both very commonly seen on streets of Dubai along with every other supercar you can name) , pulling up in a clapped out Ford to do so would be rather laughable. 

Therefore the Dubai force make great use of customized cars, specifically, customized Lamborghini Aventadors, resprayed to reflect the department’s official colors and modified to accommodate the odd bad guy or two. 


Most people probably imagine that the Russian police man the streets in beat up old Ladas, many because that it how it tends to be as depicted in most Western spy films. That however is not the case, or at least in the Russian cities. There the Porsche Cayenne is standard police issue and actually apparently makes a rather efficient, if overly luxurious, emergency vehicle.


British police departments are divided regionally and some of them boast some very impressive supercars. The Jaguar XFs are in  service in the South of England even have souped up V8 engines that output a respectable 300-horsepower. The West Midlands police get around in Lotus Evoras that were donated to them by the company. And even the standard urban British police car is something of a stunner, a BMW 330d Saloon Interceptor tuned up and tweaked by BMW of England so that the cars are more efficient in high speed pursuits. 


The autobahns of Germany are the fastest public highways in the world. In essence the real speed limit on many sections could be aptly described as ’10 kph faster than your car can go’. Therefore whatever police car is supposed to oversee traffic safety is going to have to be pretty speedy themselves. 

Fortunately for the German police they are – these guys get to ride around in customized Porsche 911s. The only question we have about these posh police cars though is if an offender needs a ride to the station and they are more than about three feet tall just where are you going to put them? 

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What Does Your Car’s Paint Color Say About You?

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If you know a thing or two about colors you may know who Leatrice Eiseman is. If you don’t, the lady is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and considered to be one of the foremost experts in the world on the subject. Every January everyone from fashion designers to car manufacturers pays attention to what she happens to feel are the ‘hot’ colors for the coming year. And she has had a thing or two to say about car paint color in general as well. 

According to Ms. Eiseman, people, when shopping for a new ride, are drawn to car colors that reflect their personality. The following, she says, is how car colors and car owners usually match up: 

Silver: Elegant, cool, loves futuristic things. 
White: Fastidious
Red: Sexy, speedy, high-energy and dynamic
Light to Mid-Blue: Cool, calm, faithful, quiet
Dark Blue: Credible, confident, dependable
Taupe/Light Brown: Timeless, basic and simple tastes
Black: Empowered, not easily manipulated, loves elegance, appreciates classics
Neutral Gray: Sober, corporate, practical, pragmatic
Dark Green: Traditional, trustworthy, well-balanced
Bright Yellow-Green: Trendy, whimsical, lively
Yellow Gold: Intelligent, warm, comfort food lover. 
Sunshine Yellow: Sunny disposition, joyful, young at heart
Deep Brown: Down-to-earth, no-nonsense
Orange: Fun loving, talkative, fickle and trendy
Deep Purple: Creative, individualistic, original

So how well does your car’s color reflect who you really are? Whatever it is though any car’s paint finish, if not properly protected, will fade over time, so that sleek, sexy red may eventually become a lot less appealing. Classic Touch of South Florida’s Invisibra Paint Protection system can help prevent car paint from fading, cracking, peeling and from the everyday hazards a car faces every day on the roads, preventing a sexy, speedy, high-energy and dynamic ride from becoming a washed out, sad old mess. 

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Think a Bent Rim is a Cosmetic Problem? Time to Think Again..

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There are some very powerful centrifugal forces at work when rolling, turning, and propelling a vehicle into motion, which means that its wheel rims need to be in almost perfect balance and shape for everything to function as it should.

Some people do feel that if a bent rim is hard to see it is probably not worth spending the money to get it fixed just yet. However, a bent rim can lead to far more than just a visible blemish. 

The Damage Can Get Much Worse

Any bend in a wheel rim will quickly damage and weaken the integrity of the wheel itself. The bend is a weak point which, if it is stressed again, or worse still hit by road debris, the wheel rim itself may crack, resulting in a dangerous critical failure.


A bent rim can also throw a vehicle’s overall wheel alignment right off. The result of that, as most drivers know, is uneven tire wear, tires that wear out far faster than they really should have done and the car itself pulling and tugging to one side as you drive. If you pay for a wheel alignment but still do not address the bent rim issue then the problem will only reoccur again and again. 

Wheel Vibrations

A wheel rim that has to medium to severe bend in it will often lead top some very noticeable, and disconcerting wheel vibrations. This does not just making driving harder though. If the situation is allowed to continue the vibrations will damage your vehicle’s transmission, and we all know how expensive that is to fix and/or replace. 

Having a bent rim repaired is therefore not just a matter of helping to restore the beauty of your vehicle’s overall experience but it is also crucial to the safety and integrity of your vehicle. At Classic Touch of South Florida, using the Kwicksilver method of rim repair, we may be able to repair and restore even severe damage for just around $100. 

Learn more about Kwicksilver Rim Repair at Classic Touch of South Florida. 

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Are Your Headlights Aging Badly? Headlight Protection is the Answer

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As we age most of us find that our vision is not quite what it used to be. The same actually also holds true of a car’s headlights. 

The vast majority of the cars and trucks manufactured over the last two decades leave the assembly line with a plastic cover over the headlamp fixture. In the old days it used to actually be made of glass, but most vehicle makers have made a wholesale switch to plastic, citing safety (broken glass at the scene of an accident is more dangerous than plastic) and cost issues. 

There is nothing really wrong with this, except for the fact that over the years unprotected plastic headlight covers tend to become cloudy, however much you clean them. This is because of the lens coating that was applied when the car was made. Initially it is there to help protect the headlights from scratching but as it ages it also oxidizes, resulting in a permanently cloudy appearance that reduces the effectiveness of the headlamps themselves. Which is a real safety hazard. 

Minor headlight fogging is not that hard to fix, as the vast majority of common car polishes will remove most the oxidation, with a bit of effort and a little elbow grease. It is only a temporary fix though and eventually the oxidation will eat through the plastic itself, leaving you with an expensive bill for headlight replacement on your hands. 

There is a way to prevent all of this though, active headlight protection. A part of Classic Touch of South Florida’s Invisibra system is headlight protection using XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film. Precision cut film, matched perfectly to your car’s headlights, is applied that then provides protection from oxidation, fogging and scratching for eight years and or even longer, guaranteed. 

Learn more about Invisibra and our XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection headlight protection system. 

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Everyday Hazards You May Not Realize are Killing Your Car Paint

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Everyone knows that keeping the paint on your vehicle in the best possible shape is important to its appearance and its potential resale value, but it also is the only barrier between the sheet metal and the elements, so damaged car paint can also damage the car in general. 

Some things can obviously easily damage car paint – gravel roads, parking lot dings, an angry ex with a key – but some of the thing that regularly damage car paint are less than obvious. 

Tree Sap – Do you ever park your vehicle under a tree, or several trees? If so then it is at risk for damage from tree sap. Wiping it off usually does not work very well either as it tends to just smear and get rubbed even deeper into the porous paint where it will slowly eat away at it. 

Bugs – Florida has bugs, lots of bugs and many of them meet their end by crashing into a car. The nasty mess that is left behind after a bug/vehicle collision is more than just ugly though. Bug guts, for want of a better description, are acidic, so will begin eating into your paint right away. 

Sprinklers – Do your lawn sprinklers reach as far the driveway where you park your car, even if the spray is very light? If so you are damaging your car’s paint this way as well. How could plain water cause car paint damage? Because standard household water is chock full of minerals, many of which are not at all paint friendly. 

Jokers – Have you ever let your car get dirty enough that some joker has written ‘Wash me’ in the dirt? Or your kids have figured out that the dirty surface makes a great drawing board? Such things seem easy enough to wipe off, but dirt acts a lot like sandpaper when it’s dragged across car paint, which can make the marks last long after the dirt is gone.

Regular waxing can help protect your car paint from these – and all of the other – hazards that it faces every day, but that is a temporary, time consuming and ultimately expensive solution. Car paint protection in the form of Invisbra obviously involves a higher initial investment than a can of wax, but it lasts an awful lot longer and provides far more comprehensive protection. You can even still wax your car occasionally if you like, but whether you chose to or not Invisibra is there at all times, defending your car’s paint for years. Guaranteed. 

Learn more about Classic Touch of South Florida’s Invisibra car paint protection system. 

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1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 N.A.R.T Spyder Becomes the World’s Most Valuable Ferrari

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The world’s highest priced Ferrari has just been auctioned off for a cool $27.5 million, a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 N.A.R.T Spyder. 

The car is one of ten that were produced and, believe it or not, really is a one owner from new vehicle, even though Steve McQueen once tried to buy it off that owner, Eddie Smith Sr, a Ferrari collector and businessman from North Carolina, as he had crashed and totaled his own. 

Smith however preferred to hold on to it and apparently continued to drive it regularly up until his passing six years ago. His son, Eddie Smith Jr, decided to sell though, and donate the proceeds of the sale to charity. The winning bidder was Tommy Hillfiger exec Lawrence Stroll who now owns the second most expensive car ever sold at auction, behind only Fangio’s $29.6 million 1954 Mercedes W196 racer. So what do you think, did he get his money’s worth? 

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A Mexican Super Car – Really? Meet The Vuhl 05

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No one really thinks ‘Mexico’ when they reel off car manufacturing countries of note, let alone sports car manufacturers, but an intriguing new sports car that is in the final stages of testing is aiming to change that. The Vuhl 05 – pronounced voo-ul – is an almost bare bones but with some tricks up its sleeve sports car that will be hitting the shores of both the UK and the US sometime in early 2014.

The Vuhl 05 is a super car that is the realization of the long held vision of a pair of race car obsessed siblings who call themselves the Echeverria brothers, who are toting the car as the ultimate ‘sports car for the masses’. It is a minimalist affair, no roof, no windshield, and only the most basic of sports style bucket seats, but it is not a car that is being sold based on its comfort level anyway. for comfort. It is instead, the  Echeverrias say, designed for the kind of thrilling speed and real race car experience that most every day drivers have never really experienced before.

At its heart is a 2.0-litre Ford Ecoboost mid mounted in the center of the car. According to one of its creators Iker Echeverria this was not the first engine they considered though. Initially they tested an Audi engine but it turned out to be too heavy and did not have the sound that Iker was looking for. He says that for his car he was hoping emulate the very distinctive engine sounds of the 1970s Cosworths and as it turned out the Ecoboost almost exactly him the effect he was looking for. 

In terms of power the Vuhl can crank out 285bhp and 310lb ft of torque. As it is such a light car, with a featherweight aluminium monocoque chassis it also boasts a  power to weight ratio of 400bhp per tonne. This will translate as a 0-62 time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 152mph. Not the fastest thing in the world, but certainly thrilling enough.

Iker also had another classic in mind when it comes to the car’s handling, stating he hoped that it is like the Lotus Elise, a car that handled a lot like a race car but drives did not actually need not actually need years of Formula 1 experience to handle it proficiently. 

Although it is a bare bones car the Vuhl does boost some nifty tech stuff. The primary key for the car not only unlocks the fuel cap holds it open as well, ensuring that your racing whites, should you choose to wear them, remain clean and pristine. 

There is also a rather neat camera – an HD camera at that – mounted on the center console. This allows you to film your laps right up until the second you cross the line, or spin off, depending upon your skill level ,and then auto post your epic run, or embarrassing failure, to YouTube with the press of a button.

There is no word yet about the actual price of this car despite the fact that the Echeverrias say that this is a car for the average driver. What that actually translates as in terms of cash still remains to be seen. 

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Top Five Most Stolen Cars in Florida – Is Yours on the List?

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Although it may not be your biggest consideration if you are thinking about buying a new car (or a new to you used car) have you ever wondered just which cars are the favorite targets of the less friendly sector of the Florida population that prefers to help themselves to someone else’s car rather than actually go out and get their own? 

The following is a breakdown of the top five most stolen cars in Florida in 2012, as complied by the National Insurance Institute and some of them are quite surprising: 

Full Size Ford 4 x 4 Pickup 

The most stolen car in the Sunshine State in 2012 was actually the rather noticeable full sized Ford 4 x 4 pickup, proving that car thieves are not exactly discreet. 

2000 Honda Civic Si

The 2000 version of the Honda Civic Si is light years behind its 2013 counterpart in so many ways – it has a cassette player as standard for gawd’s sake, when did you last even see a cassette tape? – and yet apparently this the Civic that is stolen most often, probably because its standard security features were well, door locks. There is no doubt though that the 2000 Honda Civic Si was a great hot hatch for its time, so if any owner has been careful about regular maintenance and cosmetic details like paint protection maybe it is not so hard to understand why it is a magnet for thieves after all. 

1996 Honda Accord 

This one is a little harder to understand. Hondas are, on the whole, good solid cars and many so seem like they run forever, but they are not exactly the best looking, or even vaguely distinctive cars on the road, but maybe that is the point as far as a car thief would be concerned. 

1997 Nissan Altima 

The appearance of this car next on the list proves one thing – Florida car thieves apparently have a bit of a thing for Japanese cars. Maybe its the longevity that they offer or the fairly decent gas mileage or simply the fact that a car this old, unless it has been upgraded in some way, has zero standard security features. 

2011 Toyota Camry 

And.. its another Japanese car, but a much newer one this time and one that did come with far better security features than the others standard. So does this mean that Floridian car owners who chose Japanese are particularly careless with their vehicles or are these simply easier to break into? We’ll leave to decide that one..

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The Driving Safety Hazard You Are Probably Overlooking

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One of the most dangerous things that can become a real driving safety hazard on your vehicle if they are not properly maintained is something that many drivers never really give a second thought to. Not the tires, the engine or even the brakes, as most people are very good at keeping an eye on the condition of these safe driving essentials. We are talking about your headlights. 

Chipped, cracked, dirty, cloudy oxidized and/or discolored headlights endanger your safety every time you take your vehicle out after dark or in a rainstorm (and we have plenty of those in South Florida) If any of these conditions are affecting your lights then their function is compromised and your visibility is reduced. It can also make it harder for other drivers to see you coming in time on a quieter, darkened road. 

The average age of a vehicle (trucks and cars) on the road today is approximately eight years old. After just a year or so on the road though, especially in our tricky South Florida driving conditions the outer lens covers of a vehicle’s headlights have already become grimy, pitted, discolored and oxidized and even if you are one of the few people who does pay closer attention to cleaning your headlights the pitting and scratches do not go away. So those temporary solutions in the form of a specialized headlight cleaner as well as being just that, temporary solutions, are also not able to handle that kind of permanent damage. 

For less than $100, we can protect both of your headlights from the everyday hazards the road throws at them on a daily basis, including rocks and gravel, as well as the hazing and yellowing that UV exposure causes. 

The material these kits are made from is designed to last eight years and or even longer. Classic Touch uses quality X-PEL headlight protection film patterns to ensure a perfect custom fit to your vehicle’s headlights.

Being safe on the road not just about making sure your tires have the right amount of pressure, or that your brakes are functioning properly; it also requires making sure that when you are driving at night or in bad weather that you can see clearly.  Why spend money over and over again on a product that will work for a few weeks, when one application of X-PEL protection film means you car’s headlights will be protected and safe for years to come?

Click here to learn more about Classic Touch’s Headlight Protection Services