South Florida Wheel Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fix chrome wheels?

No. Trying to restore chrome wheels (an electroplate finish) is an arduous and expensive process, and is something performed by only a handful of shops in the US, none of which are in Florida.

While some South Florida shops will ship your wheels to California for chrome re-dipping, we don’t think this is an effective or cost-effective solution for our clients. Instead, we recommend replacing your damaged chrome wheels with aluminum or alloy wheel rims to restore your car’s beautiful appearance.

How much will it cost to fix a scratched rim?

For basic wheel repair issues, like surface scratches and curb damage (also known as curb rash), wheels can be restored for as little as $75.

So, will my rims look as good as new?

For all but the most severe wheel damage, Classic Touch can repair and restore your wheel rims to like new condition.

Can I mail you a wheel to be repaired?

Yes! Classic Touch has repaired wheels for car enthusiasts and collectors who need remote service. We’ve repaired damaged rims for almost every kind of car, including a 1939 Ford Cruising Sedan. We can fix yours!