World’s Most Impressive Police (Super)Cars

Police cars are no usually the most exciting cars in the world. Or are they? U.S police cars may be pretty dull, if solid, vehicles, but elsewhere in the world the cops get to rock some rather splendid rides.  Here are some of the most impressive police cars in service with police departments from all over the world:


Everything in Dubai is BIG and EXPENSIVE. The world’s tallest hotel is there, as is the world’s largest mall and the world’s most expensive car dealership. Therefore the fact that the police have some very nice cars is really not a surprise. And to be honest, it all makes sense. If the speeder you want to ticket is in a Ferrari or an Aston (both very commonly seen on streets of Dubai along with every other supercar you can name) , pulling up in a clapped out Ford to do so would be rather laughable. 

Therefore the Dubai force make great use of customized cars, specifically, customized Lamborghini Aventadors, resprayed to reflect the department’s official colors and modified to accommodate the odd bad guy or two. 


Most people probably imagine that the Russian police man the streets in beat up old Ladas, many because that it how it tends to be as depicted in most Western spy films. That however is not the case, or at least in the Russian cities. There the Porsche Cayenne is standard police issue and actually apparently makes a rather efficient, if overly luxurious, emergency vehicle.


British police departments are divided regionally and some of them boast some very impressive supercars. The Jaguar XFs are in  service in the South of England even have souped up V8 engines that output a respectable 300-horsepower. The West Midlands police get around in Lotus Evoras that were donated to them by the company. And even the standard urban British police car is something of a stunner, a BMW 330d Saloon Interceptor tuned up and tweaked by BMW of England so that the cars are more efficient in high speed pursuits. 


The autobahns of Germany are the fastest public highways in the world. In essence the real speed limit on many sections could be aptly described as ’10 kph faster than your car can go’. Therefore whatever police car is supposed to oversee traffic safety is going to have to be pretty speedy themselves. 

Fortunately for the German police they are – these guys get to ride around in customized Porsche 911s. The only question we have about these posh police cars though is if an offender needs a ride to the station and they are more than about three feet tall just where are you going to put them?