The Driving Safety Hazard You Are Probably Overlooking

One of the most dangerous things that can become a real driving safety hazard on your vehicle if they are not properly maintained is something that many drivers never really give a second thought to. Not the tires, the engine or even the brakes, as most people are very good at keeping an eye on the condition of these safe driving essentials. We are talking about your headlights.

Chipped, cracked, dirty, cloudy oxidized and/or discolored headlights endanger your safety every time you take your vehicle out after dark or in a rainstorm (and we have plenty of those in South Florida) If any of these conditions are affecting your lights then their function is compromised and your visibility is reduced. It can also make it harder for other drivers to see you coming in time on a quieter, darkened road.

The average age of a vehicle (trucks and cars) on the road today is approximately eight years old. After just a year or so on the road though, especially in our tricky South Florida driving conditions the outer lens covers of a vehicle’s headlights have already become grimy, pitted, discolored and oxidized and even if you are one of the few people who does pay closer attention to cleaning your headlights the pitting and scratches do not go away. So those temporary solutions in the form of a specialized headlight cleaner as well as being just that, temporary solutions, are also not able to handle that kind of permanent damage.

For less than $100, we can protect both of your headlights from the everyday hazards the road throws at them on a daily basis, including rocks and gravel, as well as the hazing and yellowing that UV exposure causes.

The material these kits are made from is designed to last eight years and or even longer. Classic Touch uses quality X-PEL headlight protection film patterns to ensure a perfect custom fit to your vehicle’s headlights.

Being safe on the road not just about making sure your tires have the right amount of pressure, or that your brakes are functioning properly; it also requires making sure that when you are driving at night or in bad weather that you can see clearly. Why spend money over and over again on a product that will work for a few weeks, when one application of X-PEL protection film means your car’s headlights will be protected and safe for years to come?