5 Simple but Overlooked Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car

5 Simple but Overlooked Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car

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Car repairs can be expensive and while some repair jobs cannot be avoided, a number of them might have been had the car owner taken just a little bit more care to try and extend the life of their car and all the associated parts. Some routine maintenance tasks are obvious but there are some ways to extend the life of your car and cut down on the number of visits it has to make to the mechanic shop every year that are lesser known. Here are some of them:

Drive Less – That of course sounds like rather simple and patronizing advice. But all those little trips , the ones that you made when you really could have walked but it was a bit too cold, or you were in a bit of a hurry, are the ones that can do the most damage to your car in the long run.

Starting up is an effort at any time for a car, but especially in the winter, and if you are barely going to give the engine time to warm up before you stop it again, and then repeat the process on the way back you are forcing your car to do extra work that it really shouldn’t have to (plus the gas you are wasting as well)

Keep an Eye on Your Tire Alignment – If your car begins to shake, even slightly, when you start to pick up a bit of sped then the chances are very good that the tires need re-aligning. Even when drivers know this is the case they often put the job off until they have more time. by doing that however not only are you damaging the car but the tires will be wearing unevenly so you will be shortening their useful life as well.

Change Your Air Filter – Everyone knows that changing a car’s oil filter regularly is a must be fewer people realize that the air filter should be changed about every 12,000 miles as well. Its not a very difficult job if you like to do your own car maintenance but it won’t take a mechanic that long if you don’t.

Keep Your Paint in Great Shape – OK, so you do hit the car wash once in a while and you’ve even been known to splash out on a waxing. But that’s not enough to protect your car’s paint in long run. Waxes offer no long term protection for your car because they break down quickly when exposed to the sun’s harsh UV Rays. Waxes also get sticky in the hot sun and actually attract and hold dust and dirt next to your paint which is why freshly waxed cars seem to get dirty so quickly here in Florida.

A car’s paint is about more than just aesthetics. The rust that can develop as a result of aging, flaking paint can lead to all kinds of physical damage, not to mention that if you had thought of eventually trading in the vehicle, or selling it on your chances of being able to do that will be significantly reduced.

A single one time paint protection treatment like our Invisibra is fast, easy and far more affordable than you might have imagined. And it’s certainly a small price to pay for keeping your car looking – and running – great longer.

Don’t Put of Repairs – Often when it comes to making small repairs drivers put the tasks off for as long as they can, often in an attempt to save money. Doing so is probably costing them money in the long term though because the longer something is wrong with your car the more damage is potentially being done that will shorten its useful life.

Car Maintenance – What To Do When Your Car Overheats In the Summer Traffic

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The summer is here and many of us will be hitting the road to drive to our vacation destinations. Although it happens less often with a newer car that has an owner who is careful about car maintenance, the combination of stop and go holiday traffic, big traffic jams, long journeys and high temperatures can often result in a car overheating, something that could you leave stranded on the side of the motorway rather than checking into your lovely hotel.

Apart from following a regular car maintenance schedule  what should you do to try and make sure that you stay safe when your temperature indicator heads into the danger zone or smoke begins to bellow from beneath the hood? Here are a few tips:

Cooling Things Down Fast

If your car starts to overheat and you have the air conditioning on, turn it off immediately. The air conditioner puts an extra load on your car that very often is the cause of over heating, especially if you do not make a habit of going to an auto car parts store and stocking up on (and then using) the right coolants for your engine.

If turning off the AC does not help turn on the heaters, with the blowers on full. Yes its a horrible thought and yes it will make life very miserable for the people in the car but what it will also do is transfer a lot of that heat from the engine to the cars interior. This is a trick that many people are unaware of, but it usually works quite well and is a good temporary fix. And a few minutes inconvenience is far better than being stuck at the side of a road for hours.

Staying Cool in Traffic

If you are stuck in a traffic jam and your engine begins to overheat putting the car into neutral and then revving the engine can help. Doing that will force the water pump and the fan to speed up which can also help cool the engine off quickly.

Don’t ride you brakes in a traffic jam. If traffic ahead of you has slowed to little more than a crawl – something that is fairly common on busy holiday weekend – don’t ride your brakes as you move along, that will make overheating more likely to occur. Instead stay where you are until the space between you and the car in front of you gets too large.

If you think the car really is ready to boil over at any second, pull off the road onto the hard shoulder as soon as you can and open the hood to let the engine get some fresh air and begin to cool down. Do not at this point ever open the radiator cap to try and add water just yet though, doing so can result in damage to your engine and severe burns to you. Let the air do its work for a while before you even attempt such things.

Preventing the Problem

The occasional meltdown is possible in any car, even a very well maintained one if the weather is very hot and the traffic is very heavy. If, however,  your car overheats on a regular basis, even when it is not so hot outside, then there may be a more serious underlying problem that has to be dealt with. There may be a leak in the coolant system or your thermostat may be malfunctioning. Both of these items can be fixed with a quick car inspection and a visit to a car parts retailer and doing so before you head of on holiday can save you a lot of heartache!