The Driving Safety Hazard You Are Probably Overlooking

One of the most dangerous things that can become a real driving safety hazard on your vehicle if they are not properly maintained is something that many drivers never really give a second thought to. Not the tires, the engine or even the brakes, as most people are very good at keeping an eye on […]

South Florida Wheel Care and Wheel Cleaning Basics

Whether you’ve just completed your project vehicle, or finally purchased that AMG you’ve had your heart set on, you’ve got to have wheels that set your car or truck apart from the rest. And let’s face it- some wheels are more expensive than the vehicles wearing them. That’s why it is important that you care […]

Think a Bent Rim is a Cosmetic Problem? Time to Think Again..and Call a South Florida Wheel Repair Shop

There are some very powerful centrifugal forces at work when rolling, turning, and propelling a vehicle into motion, which means that its wheel rims need to be in almost perfect balance and shape for everything to function as it should. Some people do feel that if a bent rim is hard to see it is […]

6 Sensible Tips for Safer Nighttime Driving

Summer is over, winter is here. One of the things this means for drivers is that they are likely to spend more of their time driving in the dark, as the days get shorter and sunsets occur far earlier. Even if you consider yourself ‘used to it’, nighttime driving, especially winter nighttime driving, can be […]