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South Florida Wheel Care and Wheel Cleaning Basics

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Whether you’ve just completed your project vehicle, or finally purchased that AMG you’ve had your heart set on, you’ve got to have wheels that set your car or truck apart from the rest. And let’s face it- some wheels are more expensive than the vehicles wearing them. That’s why it is important that you care for your wheels in a manner that keeps them looking great for years to come!

Brake dust is the number one cause of dull, unattractive wheels. No matter the composition of your brake pads, or your driving habits, brake dust is inevitable. Other factors include road debris, tar, and the wandering dog or cat (seriously). In some South Florida locations salt from the ocean may also cause a buildup on your wheels that can damage the finish.

Below are a couple of tips for maintaining the luster of your new wheels.

  • Wheels are made available in several different finishes. Make sure that your wheel cleaner is intended for your particular finish whether your wheels are chrome, painted, hypersilver, polished, or a machined surface. You will also need towels, scrub brushes, a bucket of warm soapy water, carnauba wax or similar, a hose and spray nozzle.
  • Before cleaning your wheels, be sure to allow time for your wheels to cool to the touch. You can aid in the cooldown process by hosing the wheels off with cool water from a garden hose. It is best to park your ride in the shade before getting started.
  • Just like the body of your vehicle, most wheels are painted and clear coated. Never use harsh cleaners or soaps to clean your wheels. Lightly dirty wheels can easily be cleaned with a good quality car wash soap and water, but if there is an extra build up of brake dust and road grime a very soft bristle brush will help take it off after washing with soap and water.
  • Regular weekly cleaning of your wheels will help prevent brake dust ever building up and giving you tough cleaning issues. After cleaning, applying a light coat of wax will protect your wheels and help stop brake dust or ride grime sticking to your wheels. If cleaning chrome rims, do not apply wax, as the chrome needs to breathe. Instead, use a cleaner intended for chrome surfaces.
  • Removing the wheel and cleaning the backside can increase the amount of light reflected through the spokes, thus making the front shine more brilliantly. To remove years of buildup, you may have to use a brush to scrub until the surface is clean of all dust.
  • When detailing your wheels, you may come across chips and scratches caused by kicked up debris or perhaps your neighbor got careless with this lawn care techniques, blasting your beautiful wheels with sand and rocks. You may have misjudged a turn or entered an area downtown where you should have brushed up on your parallel parking skills. Whatever happened, your wheels look pitted, scratched and dented. This is known as curb rash.

This is not something, unfortunately, that any amount of wax, or polish with “buff out”. Curb rash calls for South Florida wheel refinishing, the kind we specialize in here at Classic Touch of South Florida. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Think a Bent Rim is a Cosmetic Problem? Time to Think Again..and Call a South Florida Wheel Repair Shop

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There are some very powerful centrifugal forces at work when rolling, turning, and propelling a vehicle into motion, which means that its wheel rims need to be in almost perfect balance and shape for everything to function as it should.

Some people do feel that if a bent rim is hard to see it is probably not worth spending the money to get it fixed just yet. However, a bent rim can lead to far more than just a visible blemish and should be accessed as soon as possible by a South Florida wheel repair specialist. 

The Damage Can Get Much Worse

Any bend in a wheel rim will quickly damage and weaken the integrity of the wheel itself. The bend is a weak point which, if it is stressed again, or worse still hit by road debris, the wheel rim itself may crack, resulting in a dangerous critical failure.


A bent rim can also throw a vehicle’s overall wheel alignment right off. The result of that, as most drivers know, is uneven tire wear, tires that wear out far faster than they really should have done and the car itself pulling and tugging to one side as you drive. If you pay for a wheel alignment but still do not address the bent rim issue then the problem will only reoccur again and again. One visit from a mobile South Florida wheel repair specialist can pay for itself in the decreased need for pricey alignments alone. 

Wheel Vibrations

A wheel rim that has to medium to severe bend in it will often lead top some very noticeable, and disconcerting wheel vibrations. This does not just making driving harder though. If the situation is allowed to continue the vibrations will damage your vehicle’s transmission, and we all know how expensive that is to fix and/or replace. 

Having a bent rim repaired is therefore not just a matter of helping to restore the beauty of your vehicle’s overall experience but it is also crucial to the safety and integrity of your vehicle. At Classic Touch of South Florida, using the Kwicksilver method of wheel and rim repair, we may be able to repair and restore even severe damage for just around $100. 

Learn more about Wheel Repair at Classic Touch of South Florida.